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Staying Younger
Buy-Wholesale or FREE

Discount buying clubs like Sam's Club or Costco are popular options for quality products and discounted pricing for commonly used items. In a similar way StayingYounger has a club where you can go purchase our products at wholesale pricing and even obtain select packages for "FREE".  But unlike Sam's Club, Costco or BJs our club is free to join.  

Just by joining you get 15% off our products, but better yet you can get them at whole sale price.

Aren't you glad to have your utilities on autoship each month? If you are like us you are glad utilities are on monthly auto ship to eliminate the aggravating hassle of repetitively remembering to order electricity, gas, and water every month. Do your body a favor and put one of the NeoLife Core packages on autoship starting at the wholesale price of $37.95 for a month's supply of ProVitality Plus. It's simple to start and just as simple to stop.  

All the StayingYounger NeoLifeClub products offer a money back guarantee.

Whole sale is great but FREE is better!

Want your products for FREE?  Refer just "3" people to the NeoLifeClub who use the same Core auto ship package that you do, just like you, and receive your Core package for free the following month and for as long as you continue to have "3" referrals or more who are on auto ship.

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When you get to the Club site  you will see more details about our Wholesale Buying Club, or to simply place your order cli
ck on the "JOIN THE CLUB" tab to set up your auto ship at the wholesale price.

And the benefits go on...you will also receive wholesale pricing on over a hundred other researched and tested superior products.

Save money on your food budget

For example the NeoLifeClub offers the highest quality complete protein drink meal replacement we have found. Are you looking to increase lean muscle? Lose weight?  Need a healthy & convenient meal replacement drink for travel, out-and-about errands to avoid fast foods, coordinate kids out the door to school easier, or just a start the day with a feeling good energy breakfast? NeoLifeShake has the solution!

Quality sources of protein are hard to find today without containing GMOs, transfats, hormones or antibiotics, yet at the same time are low in cholesterol, and easily digested.  Protein is essential and nutrient dense, but it is hard to digest.  Science looks at the egg as one of the easiest proteins to digest, and gives it a 1.0 in protein digestibility (PDCAAS). NeoLifeShakes have a protein digestibility of 1.73 (PDCAAS). Plus it is the most complete protein drink on the market we have seen, containing all 22 amino acids found in the human food chain. This drink also provides 1/3 of the RDA of minerals and vitamins, with the whole food nutrients you need like plant-sourced phyto enzymes to support digestion and absorption of critical nutrients.

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Need more information? Have questions?  Call or email us! Health is our passion and we love helping people experience their best.     

Would you would like information about joining us in our quest to help people have better health and earn an income doing it?

On the site you will also see "Promote the Club" because we are always looking for like minded people with a passion for helping people improve their health. Contact us for information on how to join our team, receive free training in product and leadership development.

With over 50 years of continuing to create breakthroughs in nutrition that have earned us an impeccable reputation in the science and business world we attract medical professionals, engineers, housewives, college professors and other business professionals.

You can make a good part time or full time in
come with us.  Be your best and make a difference!  With us every dollar earned means somebody got the best protection for their most important physical asset - their health!

Click on the file below if you would like to see an example of  "How Much Money Can I Make".  It will show you  the type of income that someone can make by just helping 3 people be Club members and teaching them how to refer 3 so as to get their Pro Vitality for free every month.  Everyone might want their product free but we stopped at it going viral down just 9 levels. 

69.0 KB

Remember this example is not a guaranteed income of what everyone makes that decides to do this business. This is a hypothetical example to show you what a person would make if it this just went viral 9 levels down. Usually things don't go as well as we would want. So what if you just built 1/10 of that size business: would $17,000 dollars a month change your life?  What if it took you 10 years to build that size of business?  Will you make this much at your job in 10 years?

Have you ever out performed a fellow co-worker at your job but got paid the same or less than them? Remember with us you get paid for what you produce. There is no limit on how much you can make with us.  But if you produce nothing, you get paid nothing.  Isn't this the this fair way of doing business?  

It is a fair playing field for everyone, no matter you age, race, gender, education level or past work experience. So don't let fear and procrastination make your decision.  Call us and get all the facts so you can make an informed intelligent decision that is best for you.  We want you to know the facts of what is involved if you were to join our team.   We invest time in giving your training so it is to both our interest to not start down this road if it is not a good fit for you.  

If someone signs up to do this is a business and they end up deciding they don't' want to do this for a source of income, they can return any product bought and get their money back.  It makes our company a no way you can lose situation.  You sure can't do this with starting most traditional businesses.

Of course with our products, why would you want to send back any product your bought, when you got it at the cheapest price possible by just trying to do this as a business?   

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