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Fruits and Vegetables

The Power of Fruits and Vegetables! 

The GNLD Scientific Advisory Board was developed by Dr. Arthur Furst, the man who developed oral chemotherapy for cancer. In doing cutting edge research Dr. Furst arrived at the conclusion that cancer was largely of nutritional origin. He began researching different nutrients which he felt offered promise for prevention of cancer. The capstone of his research is incorporated in a supplement called Carotenoid Complex.

A brief history of this patented product will clarify the importance of this particular supplement. At the time Dr. Furst and GNLD began working on what would become Carotenoid Complex there was not even a test available to identify the presence of different carotenoids in foods or in the human body.

GNLD pioneered the testing and then studied foods in order to find raw materials which would provide an ideal carotenoid profile. An ideal profile of carotenoids was considered an important goal for a couple of reasons. 

First, it soon became evident when scientists began studying carotenoids that they had a specificity of action. Lycopene protected the prostate, alpha-carotene had powerful cancer suppressing activity, and lutein and zeaxanthin in leafy green foods were so specific in their action that lutein protects the rods and zeaxanthin the cones in the eye allowing for complete protection of eyesight as we age.

Second, it appears that competitive absorption is a factor involved with carotenoid supplementation. High levels of intake of one carotenoid like beta-carotene may inhibit the absorption of other carotenoids like lutein and lycopene. For this reason, the decision was made to provide a supplement which provided an ideal profile of all carotenoids.

Source material for the carotenoid supplement proved challenging. Studies revealed the significant fact that one bunch of spinach could have 100 times more carotenoids (lutein) than a bunch of spinach grown in a different location. Once the supplement was put together, encapsulation was a key issue. Carotenoids help the body cope with free radical oxygen. In order to protect the carotenoids in the supplement from oxygen in the air, a process of encapsulation in a nitrogen environment at low temperature was developed. This NutriMax technology was awarded a patent in the United Kingdom (#2,274,235).

GNLD next conducted a study demonstrating that the nutrients in Carotenoid Complex could increase blood levels of these important nutrients. The company was asked by the New York Academy of Sciences to give a poster presentation on the absorption research to the Academy. USDA researchers were present at this presentation and requested samples of the Carotenoid Complex supplement for their own experimentation.

USDA research on Carotenoid Complex demonstrated that the product at recommended levels of usage could enhance immune function 37% in 20 days, increase antioxidants in the blood cholesterol 5-fold, increase natural killer cells (that pursue cancer cells) by 20%, and reduce oxidative damage to cells by 44% (drastically slowing down the aging process). Research like this subsequently led to the USDA recommendation to consume 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Carotenoids are the most difficult nutrient category to obtain from fruit and vegetable consumption. The most commonly consumed fruits and vegetables in the United States are lacking in carotenoids. This would include iceberg lettuce, apples, bananas, oranges, and potatoes.

Secondly, these nutrients are fat soluble which makes them more difficult to absorb. Carotenoids are also tightly bound to fiber which inhibits absorption. GNLD extracts carotenoids and mixes them into a high quality olive oil to enhance absorption. 

Since the USDA research was completed, GNLD has introduced a second generation carotenoid product which is eight times more potent than the original product.  Our customers with immune problems call this product a miracle worker. Email us if you would like to read some of the testimonies people have written about their experience taking this product.  

For a better understanding of the pier review scientific publication on our Carotenoid Complex, and why this is the best supplement to protect you and you loved ones from the latest flu bug to more serous immune problems like cancer and auto immune problems click on this link www.PowerOfVegetables.com. You will see why scientist all over the world are excited about this product, including Dr. Charles Hennekens of Harvard University, who was head of the Physician's Health study, the largest clinical trial on beta-carotene, who referred to our Carotenoid Complex “as being the perfect supplement for life”.   

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