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Complete Family Omega-3

A third major nutritional gap is revealed by protein consumption. Most American animal protein sources are grain fed. This would include beef, chicken, and pork. Unfortunately, the fat in grain fed animals contains little omega-3 fats and very large quantities of the omega-6 fat arachidonic acid which promotes degenerative and inflammatory diseases.  Sadly today most people don't realize that most of the fish they are eating has been farmed raised and thus low in Omega 3.

 Studies have shown that humans need a 1 to 2 ratio of omega-3 and omega 6 in our diet.  But today's modern diet is 1 to 20 or worse.  This imbalance leads to inflammation in the body which causes all kinds of health problems.  No wonder scientific research shows that almost every health problem we face today is linked to a deficiency of omega-3. 

Salmon Oil Plus is a state of the art omega-3 supplement; scientifically proven to rebalance the lipids in the cell membrane which control the inflammatory response.

Even though health organization recommend us eating more fish, they also put out warnings about toxins contaminating our fish sources today.  This product is unique from several standpoints. Firstly, it is exceptionally pure. The supplement is tested for over 200 different pollutants with a standard of NONE detectable. 

In interviewing practitioners who specialize in reducing toxic accumulations of various substances in the body, one of the most effective means of reducing levels of fat loving toxins is to supplement with a high quality uncontaminated fat like Salmon Oil Plus. Salmon oil is of such high quality it displaces many of the fats in the cells of the body including fats which carry toxins.

It is of interest that one study has shown that those with the highest level of fat loving toxins have an incidence of diabetes 38 times higher than those with the lowest levels. (Gaby, Alan, Editorial: Does pollution cause Diabetes? Townsend Letter for Doctors, May 2007, 131.)

Secondly, Salmon Oil Plus is a potent product. It contains an ultra high potency omega-3 concentrate. This makes it possible to have a very potent small capsule which is easy to swallow.

Salmon Oil Plus is made with an exclusive molecular differentiation technology (which is far better than even distillation). GNLD has the technology to pick and choose specific molecules in production of the supplement. This means that oxidized molecules and molecules that impart a fishy smell and taste can be removed. It also means that the company can achieve standardized levels of all 8 of the master molecules from the omega-3 family rather than just the two or three molecules (DPA, EPA, DHA) you only get in most omega-3 supplements in the market place.  

 Tufts University conducted a study of 10 major fish oil products a few years back and found that the products averaged only 38% of what was on the label. GNLD products were tested by an independent laboratory and found to match or exceed label declaration going back two years.

GNLD has chosen to operate under a pharmaceutical license although this is not required for food supplement manufacturers. Pharmaceutical licensing assures product quality because it allows the FDA to make unannounced inspections of the manufacturing facility. It also requires that label declarations match the contents of a bottle. 

Medical Science tells us inflammation is the root cause for most of the health problems we face today.  This product was proven to lower the inflammatory index in humans by 68%. 

A recent clinical trial of Salmon Oil Plus demonstrated bioavailability and assimilation of the product. This was demonstrated by increases of EPA, DHA, and DPA in cell membranes. This clinical trial also demonstrated profound cardiovascular benefits including a drop of 17% in triglyceride levels in only 8 weeks. The supplement also raised the total omega-3 index to levels associated with the "zone of greatest protection" from cardiovascular disease.

Finally, the clinical trial demonstrated that this supplement has powerful anti-inflammatory effects. The supplement was shown to increase anti-inflammatory omega-3 and displace inflammatory arachidonic acid from red blood cell membranes. Pro-Vitality should be considered a cornerstone to a health improvement program which incorporates more exercise, an improved diet, and a basic multiple. The supplements in this package have benefited literally thousands of people over the 50 year history of GNLD.

To learn more about the research behind our unique Salmon Oil Plus, like citation in the New England Journal of Medicine, go to www.PowerofFish.com.

NOTE:  Salmon Oil Plus capsule is included in every ProVitality Plus (foundational Core product) box, along with our world famous Carotenoid Complex (fruits and vegetables) and Tre-en-en (healthy grain oils).   

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